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3521 Ratliff Road
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The Zamora Shriners are Birmingham Alabama's Temple of the Shriners International. Shriners are a Masonic fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. With nearly 200 temples (chapters) in several countries and thousands of clubs around the world. Our fraternity is open to men of integrity from all walks of life.

What's Happening @ Zamora

Whats Happening at Zamora is a page dedicated to our current events. 

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Day 2 - Greenville Hospital Shriner Days 2016

James Nicholas the XDMAN

Day two at the Greenville Shrine Hospital. Todays events included our very own Winston Each delivering a check for 10,000 for the Hospital from the Lineville Car Show fundraiser. We learned what Cerebral Palsy was and the extensive work the Greenville Hospital does to treat it. We met the new Chief of Staff Dr Michael Wattenbarger and countless other members of the Hospital staff. The common there throughout the visit was the welcoming nature and it seemed like everyone truly loved what they were doing to help improve the lives of Children. During the tour we learned just how expensive the treatments can be. In some of the spinal surgeries it can require almost 50 Titanium screws that can cost right at 500.00 each. The highlight of the day was getting to meet and hear from some of the Shrine kids each with a smile bigger than the last. By the end of the tour we were beat and it showed. 

Shriner Days at the Greenville Shrine Hospital Day 1

James Nicholas the XDMAN

Day one started off with a great dinner and an inspirational speech from one of the mothers of the hospital children. The speech was capped off with a standing ovation followed by a great dinner. Here are some of the sights from day one which I was told was one of the biggest crowds yet. Shriner Days allows guests to come and visit the hospital to see what they do. This is a yearly event and is a nominal fee for any Shriner. I would highly recommend if you can make a visit to one of our hospitals to see what we are all about. 

February Stated Meeting - Budget Agenda

James Nicholas the XDMAN

We had a great turnout for the February Stated meeting, with a big shout out to the Kitchen staff....The BBQ was great. If you missed the meeting here are some of the highlights. 

  • We elected John Akens to the finance committee. 
  • The 2016 budget was unanimously approved. 
  • Jerry Wayne Thomas showed off his great curly locks! 
  • Winston Each reported on the 2014 Lineville car show. The car show raised 10 thousand dollars for the Greenville Shrine Hospital. Winston will present the check to the hospital at the 2016 Annual Shriner Days on Friday, March 11 and Saturday March 12th.